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KickassTorrents: Best Mirrors and Alternatives

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KickassTorrents, often simply called KAT or Kickass or kick-ass, is one of the most popular torrent meta search engines in the world, dating back to 2008 when it was launched under the domain name kickasstorrents .com. The original domain name is no longer accessible today, but KickassTorrents continues to live on Kickass proxy is kickasstorrents. to and a number of alternative domains, the most important of which appear in this article.

Top Kickass Torrent Proxy Sites List


PROXY SITE                 SPEED


https://thekat.info/                   Very Fast

https://kickass.cm/                   Very Fast

https://kickass.cd/                   Fast

https://kat.li/                   Fast

http://katcr.to/                   Fast

http://kickasstorrents.to/                Fast

http://kickasstorrent.cr/       Fast

http://kat.am/                   Fast

History of Kickass Torrents

Environmental improvements have been a number of. In 2013 the website switched to the kickass of the Tonga domain name. In 2014, the Somalia domain name kickass was moved to; So; the site moved to the domain name kickasstorrents Isle of Man in 2015. I m; in 2016 a group of original employees at katcr resurrected the site. Co, and that's where it's still accessible by today.


KickassTorrents added an official Tor network.onion address to boost functionality of the site.  Mr White announced. Aside from improving the availability of the site, Kickass Tor address also allows users of Kickass Proxy to anonymously access the site.


How to Access KickassTorrents Through Tor


Tor is free software designed to make contact anonymous. It relies on a global node network that routes internet traffic from node to node to hide a device's location and use from those performing network monitoring or traffic analysis.


Tor also allows users to access anonymous hidden services which can only be reached through the Tor network. Their.onion domain suffix, which is exclusive to the Tor network and is not in the Internet DNS root, can recognize such services.


You first need to download Tor Client to reach the Kickass Tor url, which lets you use Tor from here on Microsoft Windows , Apple macOS or GNU/Linux.

  1. Tor Client does not need installation, so by clicking on the program icon you can easily unpack the downloaded file to any folder you want and open it.


  1. When active, type in the address bar the domain address of lsuzvpko6w6hzpnn. onion, and click enter.


  1. Often it takes a while for Tor Browsers to create a stable link, so the Tor version of KickassTorrents may take a few minutes to load.

How to Access KickassTorrents with VPN

A VPN ( Virtual Private Network) allows users to anonymously send and retrieve data via public networks, protecting private web access from snooping, intrusion and censorship. People who use sites like KickassTorrents to search for torrents often use the VPN services.


You may want to consider using a KickassTorrents VPN service to stay safe from other people on the same network as you.


The good news is that there are many free VPN services available to choose from, including TunnelBear, Windscribe, Hotspot Shield Free, Speedify, ProtonVPN Free, Hide. me, SurfEasy, PrivateTunnel and others.


Overview of Kick Ass Torrents

The architecture and accessibility are what sets Kickass Torrents apart from many other related pages. The web is composed of three major sections:

  • Top bar: A thin bar at the top of the screen features a search area and five buttons: client, forum, blog, FAQ, register / register in.


  • Tag cloud: There is a tag cloud right below the top bar which makes it easy to see which torrents are trending on the web. Users can click on the tags to show the corresponding torrents immediately, and they can also cover the cloud by clicking on a small arrow icon at the bottom.


  • Torrent list: Of course, the most important part of Kick Ass Torrents are the torrents themselves, which are displayed as a list showing each torrent its name, size , number of files, age, and seed and leech count.


  • Kick Ass Torrents does not host any actual torrents. Alternatively, users copy and paste magnet connections, which are simply hyperlinks containing hash code for torrents, into their torrent clients. The magnet connections are understood instantly by nearly all current web browsers, and users can easily click on a magnet icon to invoke the default torrent.

Best Kickass Alternatives


A proxy server is a website that serves as an agent for requests from clients asking other sites for services. Proxy servers are in fact used to navigate censored websites and secretly browse the internet. There are several Kickass proxy servers that can be used to link Kickass Torrents for free, such as:

The Pirate Bay

No introduction is needed at the Pirate Bay. It is used globally by millions of people. For Bit Torrent protocol users this site uses P2P file sharing. Pirate Bay is available in 35 languages and is one of the biggest torrent websites in the world. You can have absolutely free access to TPB, and sort the content found here so you can find everything you are looking for.




1337x includes a list of torrent files and magnet connections to users around the world, with a name that evokes the early days of the internet, where everyone was hidden under a pseudonym and information was easily shared. The site has a very distinct design with a prominent search bar, and a total of 9 categories of torrent.




Torrentz2.eu is similar to KickassTorrents because in fact it does not host any torrent files. Instead, it integrates and displays information from hundreds of torrent search engines like KickassTorrents on a single list. Torrentz2.eu actually hosts over 61 million torrents from 96 domains, rendering it kind of a torrents Google.




Although most of the torrents invoke a sort of cyberanarchy, RARBG remains oddly ordered. This torrent repository dates back to 2008, and its key point of sale is the way it is structured. Torrents are divided into eight key categories and RARBG demands that all torrents have a well-formatted name, a simple summary and a whole host of other material that makes it easy for users to determine what to access.



YTS.ag is a niche torrent site and the only official source for YTS YIFY movies, known for their combination of excellent quality pictures and small file size.


After its founding in 2008, KickassTorrents has maintained its tradition of offering a simple way for users to browse for torrents. The platform is available from a multitude of different urls, and should you want to do so, only those who live in places where KickassTorrents is blocked can use it. Considering that the last time KickassTorrents was taken down was only two years ago, it is impossible to tell what lies ahead for the site, but for the time being it is doing great.